Work opportunities in Finland

Finland is a world leader in most aspects of new and developing technology, in order to maintain this status it is necessary to supplement the workforce with highly educated individuals.

According to figures obtained from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, in the second quarter of 2018, there were vacancies in 60,000 necessary jobs. Those jobs were not created due to the lack of available talent. It is also estimated that 53,000 new technology experts will be needed by the year 2021 and 10,000 new software developers will be required in the next 4 Years. In that same period of time there is also a requirement for 30,000 workers and experts in marine and automotive manufacturing in South West Finland.

In order to service the demand for talented individuals, Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) would need to supply in excess of 6000 graduates per annum. At present the level is less than 4300 resulting in a shortfall of more than 1700 individuals each year.

This being the case there is a massive opportunity for students graduating from Finnish Universities to obtain lucrative employment within Finland so they so choose.