Student life in Finland

Method of Registration at Finnish Universities

It is very important for an international student to know how to register / enroll to the university he or she wishes to study in. Of course, neither of us wants to make mistakes when enrolling to the university or send an incomplete application. Therefore, an international student must understand the registration process at the university first before submitting an application to the university.  Each university has certain admission and registration requirements, especially for international students.

To help you register in Finnish universities, we provide you with a guide that contains all the details of the registration process in Finland.

Things you should know before registering

When you select the academic program through you want to study at a Finnish university, the next step is to know the final registration dates and admission requirements. Click here to find deadlines at some Finnish universities using the search tool available on the site. If there is ambiguous information, feel free to contact us . You can ask the following questions:

  • What are the admission and registration requirements in the specific discipline?
  • Are there additional deadlines?
  • What documents are required for registration?
  • Does the university offer scholarships to international students?

Are you eligible to study in Finland?

If you wish to study a bachelor's degree program, an international student must present one of the following documents:

  • International Bachelor's Degree (IB )
  • European Bachelor's Degree (EB )
  • A foreign certificate that qualifies the student to study in his country or abroad.
  • Universities select students based on their grades, their performance on admission tests or both.

If you want to study a Master's program, an international student must present a copy of the Bachelor's degree or equivalent. In addition, the student must provide proof of practical experience of not less than 3 years from the date of graduation from the university or from the date of obtaining a bachelor's degree.

What documents are required to register at Finnish universities?

Each university requires compulsory documents from the international student. In general, international students are required to send grades and copies of university degrees to the university they wish to study. These documents include Level A or Level O and other documents. In addition, such copies must be formally certified.

Applications for registration at Finnish universities

Joint app​lications

You can choose 6 study programs and write them in the joint application. Students must write courses according to preference. This arrangement is binding upon the end of the period of receipt of applications.

Separate applications

This process requires sending a separate application for each course that the student wishes to study. Separate application means enrolling directly in the university course. The student may need to send one application for registration in several programs at the university, depending on the number and how the university accepts applications sent by students. In other universities, a student must submit a separate application for each course available at the university itself.

Registration dates at Finnish universities

There are two dates for registration at Finnish universities. The first round of registration starts from the beginning of January until the middle of the month. The second round starts in mid-March and ends in early April.

Registration in January is dedicated to registration for Bachelor's programs in Applied Sciences Universities ( UAS ), undergraduate and master's programs at other universities and technical universities. All undergraduate programs are taught in English. The study begins this period of time in the fall. However, some undergraduate programs, starting in January, require registration in September.

Registration in March is for bachelor's and master's programs in applied science universities taught in Finnish or Swedish.

However, it should be noted that some study programs may open an additional registration period beyond the main time period.

After all university applications have been processed, universities will send admission letters to accepted students. Admission results are usually announced at the end of June. However, remember that the student must confirm his consent to university admission, and the university will send all instructions related to it.

Each student is allowed to accept only one specialization at the beginning of the semester. This means that a student can not accept another specialty if the course begins in the same semester.

For example, if a student accepts a university seat to study a specialty after sending a separate application, the student will not be able to accept another seat that he or she has submitted using the joint application, especially if the program begins in the same semester.

Students can enroll in higher education programs such as BSc and BSc in Finland by joint application, but the only difference is to send the required study certificate and documents directly to the university itself.

Application status after registration at Finnish universities

Upon completion of the period of receipt of joint registration applications, the student receives a specific application status. These include:

  • Acceptable
  • Acceptable (with certain university requirement)
  • Acceptable (pending the publication of the results of admission of the universities in which the student is registered according to priority)
  • Dial in the queue
  • Canceled / did not get a university seat

If the student receives a university admission, this is great! All the student has to do is to agree to university admission.

If the student receives conditional admission from the university, this means that the student must work to fulfill this condition. For example, if the student is unable to obtain his or her grades during the registration period, or if the grades are low and do not meet the admission and registration requirements, the university will cancel university admission.

If the student's status is "acceptable (pending the publication of the admission results of the universities in which the student is enrolled as a priority)", the student must wait until the universities in which the student has registered publish their results before admission to the given course.

If the status of the request is "pending," then the student will receive university admission if the students on the list do not accept the offer from the university.

Does the student have to submit the university admission test?

The university may require the student to submit the university admission test. Finnish universities usually require this requirement for students. However, there are other options or alternatives that enable the student to submit the test abroad. Therefore, students are advised to contact the University Admissions Department or to contact the university where the student wishes to study. The university will tell you all the details of the university admission test abroad.

Method of applying for a study visa

A student may require a visa to enter or study in Finland, depending on the country or nationality of the student. For our dear students from MENA region, we recommend that you quickly begin applying for a student visa as soon as possible or immediately after obtaining university admission.

Tips for registration

We recommend that you take some time to look for your interested course and Finnish university. 

Students are also advised to note the registration dates of universities and admission requirements. Registration must be done on time, and all necessary matters must be processed to provide the required tests. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for more details.

Are you interested in studying in Finland?