Multinational universities

Students can participate in many outdoor activities in Finland such as water skiing, windsurfing in frozen lakes and other activities. In addition, you can stroll around the parks and national parks all over Finland to see wolves and bears or stroll through the leafy hills of Lapland. During the holidays, you can go with friends on a trip to the West Coast to enjoy the view of the Aurora or the hot tubs spread throughout Finland or visit the island of Suomenlinna , a military fortress built on 6 islands, and enjoy the scenic views of the coast of Helsinki.

However, there are other activities for students who prefer indoor activities, where the state is full of many artistic and musical activities that are exposed to the theaters of the state. In addition, you can enjoy all the delicious cuisine there. You can visit historical museums, cultural and old cathedrals or stroll through the city streets and enjoy the beautiful Scandinavian architecture decorated with buildings. Many festivals and sports competitions are held throughout the year.

The state-of-the-art site provides an opportunity for international students to explore Eastern Europe and Scandinavia during the official holidays. In other words, students can visit Norway, Sweden or Russia by train!