International environment

According to data published by the Finnish National Agency of  Education,  currently in Finland there are over 20,000 foreign students from more than 100 countries. And this figure is expected to increase much more in the coming years.

Moreover, as globalization continues to spread, international students can now work in Finnish companies, which are looking for highly skilled graduates, skilled in both in English and in academic skills, in order to develop their companies and expand their operations. There is for example a great demand for health care professionals, the state of Finland is seeking to attract international talent to fill this gap. There is an expectation of a shortage of labor, especially at the retirement of the current generation. Therefore, this is considered the right time to study in Finland and building your career life. Finland is one of the best places to study, work and build a family thanks to its strong economy, advanced public transport network and low-priced childcare services.

Recently, Finland has announced that it is seeking to attract international students, Finland is seeking to attract more than 100,000 international students by xxxx , and this is a guaranteed opportunity to get a seat in this wonderful country!