Education in Finland

For many Years the Finnish Education System has been the envy of others who can only aspire to achieve the High Standards set by the Finnish National Agency for Education, who control the system from Kindergarten through Pre School, Basic Education, College and Universities. The Basic Education is compulsory, encompasses 9 years and caters for Children between the ages of 7 – 16, the objective of Basic Education is to support Pupils growth towards Humanity, Ethical Responsibility and to provide them with the Knowledge and Skills needed in Life. Swedish Languages are completely free, whereas, Courses held in English are Basic Education is only available to Pupils resident in Finland, this is not the case with Colleges and Universities, who readily accept Overseas Students with the necessary qualifications and it should be noted that University Courses in Finnish or Swedish Languages are completely free, whereas Courses held in English are subject to a charge which can vary, dependent on the University and the Course chosen.

There are two sectors of Tertiary Education, Traditional Universities and Universities of Applied Science. The focus for Universities is research and theoretical Education, graduating with a Masters Degree is expected, whereas, Universities of Applied Science focus more on the needs of Industry and Employment, the nature of research is more practical and includes Work Experience and Internships, theories are applied to advanced problem solving, courses are available in Engineering, Business Studies, Tourism and Nursing, culminating with a Bachelors or Masters Degree, with the opportunity to progress further should the Student so desire. Degrees obtained from Finnish Universities are not only accepted, they are held in high esteem Worldwide, giving the Student an advantage in seeking to Invest in Their Future.

Finland may be your preferred destination to start your study abroad. If so, it does not mean that you are the only one who wants to study there. However, there are many other international students who wish to study in Finland as one of the most popular study destinations of our time. This is due to a number of reasons that we will summarize briefly in this article. For our part, we spoke with a number of international students who chose to study at Finnish universities, and identified the five main reasons that led them to study there.