Life investment

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Applying to higher education in Finland can be done twice a year (spring /autumn) either through joint application or separate application allowing you to apply to a maximum of six (higher education) study programmes which you should rank in the order in which you wish to be selected. The order is binding, and you cannot change it after the application period has ended.

Despite of being accessible to everyone, The Finnish application system can be confusing to many students, that is why Akademia Finland gives you the possibility to avoid all problems so you can focus on passing the entrance exam.


By purchasing the Life investment package (regular applications), you are entitled to get the following services:


  • Educational background check
  • University / degrees preselection
  • Culture, daily life in Finland

Application to the selected universities

  • Application to six universities of applied sciences

Entrance exam Invitation

  • Akademia receives the entrance exam invitation

Tourist visa assistance

  • Tourist visa is needed for the candidate to go to Finland in order to pass the entrance exam

Resident Permit Application

  • Online application
  • Appointment at the Finnish embassy for identification
    (Fees are included in the package)

Accomodation assistance (Not guaranteed)


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