For Parents

Dear parents

Our main goal is to provide the students with a valuable opportunity to benefit from a great educational system that is considered one the best ones in the world, we would like to give students a chance to develop their skills and competencies on an international level as well as try to employ it in the international market.

On the other hand, our mission is to reassure parents about the situation of their children and integrate them in the journey as them being not only the main sponsors but as well the most caring members of the family that is willing their children to have the best future.

For this reason, we have designed this portal and dedicated this section to parents. We will be sharing information that parents are interested to know. we believe It concerns us all as we value family bonds.

A life investment

Studies for life, Invest for your future.

In order to lead a happy and successful life, To be able to do meaningful work where you can influence and make a difference to your own and others lives.

We should always think outside the box, think about the future and how it can change if we work for it.

Dedicating time and working hard are two important factors, but resources used to play an important role in making it happen.

Money can be used for living expenses, shopping, traveling etc, but when using it to reach a goal and developing oneself it is considered an investment. That is why we call our product "Life Investment".

Life investment project started due to students inquiries that have been reaching us in order to assist them in different processes including residence permit applications.

After defining the need of students we developed Life investment project which is about providing educational services to international students who are willing to study in Finland.

Application to Finnish Universities might be confusing a bit but still accessible to everyone, Based on students feedback, the application is only one small step part of the whole process where they are facing many problems and obstacles that might go against their will to join the Finnish Universities. The source of information might be limited as well as informative platforms only provide academic information but no specification neither orientation, especially that students are coming from different countries with different backgrounds and cultures. The presence of non-qualified agencies in the market might as well affect negatively the process or the integration of students in the Finnish community because of the lack of real information and facts shared with students and parents.

As a Finnish company we seek clarity and quality and this is the main reason why we established our company in Morocco in order to get closer to our clients coming from Mena area and make sure our Life investment project runs smoothly, making sure that our students are satisfied, ready to accept the challenge, and the parents are pleased to supervise the promoting results of the challenge.