Welcome to open application to higher education in Finland 2019 /2020

At first you will be asked your preferred study programs, then your personal details and educational background. Depending on your chosen study programs, you might be asked additional questions. If attachments are required, you can include and submit them with your application. Please check the exact dates from the application form or the confirmation email. At the end you will be asked to give various permissions. Please make sure that you allow enough time for filling in the application.

You will receive a confirmation of your submitted application to the email you have given in the application. The confirmation email includes a link that can be used to make modifications in your application during application period.

Best of luck!


Choose the study programs to which you wish to apply. Arrange your choices in order of preference. Consider the order of preference carefully, because the order is binding, and you cannot change it after the application period ends. You can apply up to six study programs.

If you are not admitted to the study program of your first choice, your points will be checked in order to find a study place from your other preferences. For example, if you are admitted to the study program that you have placed as your second preference, your lower preferences will be automatically cancelled, and you will not be admitted to those study programs. Nevertheless, you may still be admitted to your higher prioritized options if study places become available in the reserve places