Our Services

If you speak good English and you seek to broaden your horizons and live as a student a truly international experience, you are in the right place.

Akademia.fi is a project specifically designed to give a global response to those students of higher education who wish to study in Finland. Our goal is to accompany them, take care of them and assist them from the very first moment they start looking for information about the country until they finish their studies and integrate -those who wish to do it- into the Finnish labor market and society.

Akademia.fi has agreements with major educational institutions in the Helsinki area. Our basis is that we conceive our students' commitment to Finland as a life investment. That is why we want to be present throughout their whole educational process, as their family members in Finland.

We manage the student’s applications and, together with the educational institutions, we select those who meet the requirements to apply for a study place in Finland.

We also offer English courses for those who want to prepare entrance exams, both in Finland and in our office in Morocco. From our facilities in Helsinki we offer the possibility of managing visa applications and residence permits for student candidates. And once in Finland, we organize introduction courses to the Finnish language and culture.

With an eye already in the future, Akademia.fi is already developing a network of contacts with Finnish companies with a view to providing work training to our students.

Above all, our greatest service is to be here for the young people and their families in case that any issue arises. Our team is very international, we speak your language and therefore we understand your culture and needs. We will be available for any question or to resolve any difficulty in your way to academic and work success.

If you want to start your life investment, contact us.